Monday, January 7, 2008

Of Books and Baseball...

First let me state, for the record, that although I am a daughter of the Bronx, I am a lifelong NY Mets fan.
So, naturally, I'm disinclined to believe a word of Roger Clemens' disingenuous denials of steroid use. This is the brute who beaned Mets' catcher Mike Piazza a few years ago and then claimed the ball got away from him. Yeah--right. And I've got a bridge in Brooklyn with "For Sale" signs threaded through its cables. Umm...don't you get to be a multiple Cy Young winner by being a whiz at locating the strike zone?

Mike Piazza

So, in this pre-season climate of Bad News bears, allow me to offer you an anecdotal antidote to the palaver propagated by a handful of overgrown, overpaid, and overmedicated grownups who have polluted America's Pastime with their butt-loaded syringes.

We've got just two weeks before CHOOSING SOPHIE arrives in bookstores; it's a heartwarming novel about love and baseball (and love of baseball).

CHOOSING SOPHIE is my seventh women’s fiction title since 2002. Olivia (“Venus”) deMarley, a former burlesque dancer, stands to inherit her late father’s scrappy (and colorful) minor league baseball team, the Bronx Cheers, if she and Sophie, the twenty-year-old daughter she gave up for adoption right after her birth, can reunite.

Stephanie Rollins at calls CHOOSING SOPHIE “a breath of fresh air,” and “a Lifetime Movie waiting to happen. If you liked Nora Roberts’ “Montana Sky”, you will like Choosing Sophie” Go ahead and indulge yourself, and experience the importance of family.”

And Target Stores has selected CHOOSING SOPHIE as a breakout book of the new year, and I hope your book club will do so, too!

I can state unequivocally, on the record, on pain of polygraph that this book is entirely steroid free. Not only that there are no calories in it. So you've got nothing to lose but the wait till Spring Training begins!


The Professor said...

Seriously: how can anyone believe that a multimillion dollar professional athlete would fly across country to a private trainer just to get a vitamin shot? Would you ask an unqualified buddy to inject you in the ass as opposed to asking, well, an actual doctor? If they were not steroids, why not just go to a medical doctor, since you have access to the very best ones for free (the Yanks would have obviously picked up the tab)? Let’s see what he says under oath. When his best buddy pitching colleague and his personal trainer, under oath, both confess against their own interests that they all employed steroids, what basis is there on which to believe Clemens? His lunatic throwing of a broken bat at Piazza during a Series game – and his incomprehensible explanation afterwards that he thought the jagged bat was a baseball (!) – now seems like a classic case of ‘roid rage. And that’s not even considering his body bulk increasing dramatically in middle age.

I love both your using Mets colors to identify the team, and your assurance that this book is entirely steroid free. Certainly a good reason to read it.

Leslie Carroll said...

Who knew one could receive injections of Lanacaine and vitamins when it would be so much easier to buy a tube of Lanacaine at the drug store and rub it on whatever aches. And I always thought buying a bottle of vitamins from the same location and swallowing one a day was the doctors' recommended method. So why punch more holes in your butt, unless ...?

Who knew there was an alternative, and infinitely more painful, way to relieve sore muscles and take your Flintstones?

Unknown said...

I grew up going to Padres games and my dad and I attended the only 1984 World Series game the Padres won. It's terrible when the players behave so poorly because it ruins it for the fans and the fans are the ones who keep the players in business.

Leslie Carroll said...

You're so right, Georgie! And then the greedy owners sock it to the fans by raising the prices. It costs as much to get a decent seat at a Mets or Yankees game as it does to attend a Broadway show (not counting all the extra $ spent on snacks, beverages, and souvenirs)! And for that, we get a bunch of ballplayers ruining the game (and their own bodies) in the process.

I really want to believe in the purity of baseball, but these days, I know it's a pipe dream.